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OMI System Engineering

Design of car, truck and rail interior parts and FEM simulations.

Engineering Division

OMI Tools

Moulds, equipment, presses, control gauges, waterjet templates and prototypes.

Tools Division

OMI Industrial

We are specialized in thermoforming, production of plastic parts and polyurethanes.

Industrial Division

OMI System Engineering

Design and Simulation

Design has always been our core business. The Engineering Division has over twenty years of experience, we have carried out hundreds of projects and we have satisfied customers all over the world. The design activity is aimed at the naval, aeronautical, railway, heavy vehicles and household appliances segments, while specializing in the automotive sector.

Partner companies ask us to design systems, equipment, complete moulds and turnkey systems, always verified and guaranteed.

50 K+
Planning hours
5 +
Segments supplied
150 +
Clienti soddisfatti

OMI Tools

Moulds, equipment, control gauges, waterjet templates, presses and prototypes

Our Tools division is specialized in the production of molds and tools for a wide variety of applications and, in particular, for the production of internal and external parts of cars.
OMI Group is also specialized in the realization of assembly, finishing and final control systems of the parts made, through highly technological systems.

OMI Tools has also realized prototypes, series molds and pre-series samples of thermoformed parts, polyurethanes and plastic injection.

50 K+
Molds and Equipment
50 K+
Try out and service hours
100 +
Pre-delivery test

Technology & innovation

In collaboration with

The Faculty of Sciences of the “Universit√† Politecnica delle Marche” (UNIVPM) and the Department of Chemistry of the “University of Salerno” (UNISA) for the development of technologies and new materials.

OMI Gest & Control Systems

OMI Group has developed OMI Gest, a software able to track and control the entire production flow and OMI Control System, a laser control arm that makes high precision measurements.

OMI Industrial

Termoformatura, parti in plastica e poliuretani

The Industrial division is specialized in thermoforming and production of plastic and polyurethane parts. The production process of thermoforming, plastic and polyurethane parts starts in the engineering division where a skilled team of engineers designs and develops the equipment that will be produced by the Tools division.
The Industrial division produces pre-series and series of internal and external, acoustic and thermal components for cars and industrial vehicles.

1 M+
Manufactured parts
30 +
100 +
Satisfied clients
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